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43. dear yuletide writer 2016

Dearest, most treasured Yuletide writer,

Season's greetings! Halloween is nigh at the time I am writing this, but, you know, whatever! What's shakin'? Well, me, with excitement, for one thing, but that's irrelevant—how are things with you? Good, I hope! Better than good, even! I hope for nothing but the best when it comes to the Best Yuletide Writer Ever (read: you!). You have no idea how delighted and honored I am that you've been assigned to me, or that, maybe, you're stumbling across this letter completely by accident, and that you are here, reading it, at this very moment! Words fail me! So, preemptively: thank you so much, you are so wonderful, and I apologize in advance for the lengthy enthusiastic yammering that is to follow; I am just, SO VERY EXCITED, and Yuletide is the best!!!!!!

While we're on the subject of preemptive things, there is something I want to get out of the way, first and foremost. Writing things for people can be hard, and terrifying, and daunting, whether this is your first Yuletide or your tenth or your fourth (like me!), so I just want to assure you: I will love literally anything you write for me. I am so hopelessly, hilariously easy to please when it comes to fic about the characters and canons I love—it could be 1,000 words of them just existing in the same room together in silence and I'd waste no time in submitting it for a Pulitzer. My prompts are not requirements; they're suggestions; if they are included, I'll consider it a magical Yuletide bonus! So really, honestly, anything you write will bring me joy. OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL!

That being said, I know how Yuletide goes—sometimes you offer something and you're confident you can do it and then you get your assignment and the prompts aren't your jam and you have zero ideas and aaaaaah! Please don't feel bad if you have to default. It happens! I only ask that you do it before the default deadline and make things a little easier for the mods. There are so many pinch hitters and backup writers for this exchange, so do not worry about me at all. I'm sure you don't need me telling you this, but I wanted to make extra sure I did, just in case! Yuletide should be fun for both of us. Okay? Okay!

"Shut up, Gwen, oh my god," you are probably muttering to yourself, as this preamble stretches on into the hundreds of words. Well, fine, smarty pants. Onward to the Good Stuff!

  • I LOVE: any classic romance tropes (getting locked in a room/stranded somewhere and being forced to talk about things, fake-out make-outs, FAKE/PRETEND DATING LEADS TO FEELINGS most of all),  friends to lovers, slow burn stuff, character studies, ship studies, the 5 times + 1 time format, nonlinear narratives, (most) AUs, almost kisses (more valuable than actual kisses), humor, angst with a happy ending, gen, hurt/comfort (emotional and physical), after-action patch-ups (A FAVE TROPE), characters being protective of other characters, snark and banter, found families, friendships, the concept of soulmates (romantic or platonic), ladies being treated with the respect they deserve, UST/URT with a healthy dose of mutual pining, friends to enemies, enemies to friends, friends supporting each other, friends conspiring to get their other friends together, oh, gosh, FRIENDS!!!

  • I DO NOT LOVE: character death, heavy or detailed gore (minor injuries and violence OK), marriage/pregnancy fic, established relationship fic (usually! Tatami Galaxy is an exception), non/dubcon, first person POV, character bashing, kinky stuff, angst with no happy ending, unrequited love, high school/college/coffee shop/florist/tattooist AUs, NSFW content of underage characters. I'm the most vanilla person alive when it comes to kinks/NSFW stuff in general, and tend not to go for it.

僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Iida Tenya, Uraraka Ochako
accessibility: mangatown | viz (manga, 100+ chapters) | hulu (anime season 1, 12 episodes)


Sometime in the near future, humans begin to manifest strange powers that come to be known as Quirks (basically, superpowers!). What begins as a series of genetic anomalies quickly spreads throughout the generations until nearly everyone, all over the world, is born with some manner of Quirk. The superheroes of pop culture legend become a reality; so, in turn, do villains. Heroes are the celebrities of society, celebrated and lauded for the work they do—and it has always been Midoriya "Deku" Izuku's dream to become a hero himself. There's just one problem: he's Quirkless.
Circumstances lead to Izuku inheriting the mysterious Quirk, One for All, from the #1 Hero he has idolized his whole life, All Might. Though this new power far exceeds Izuku's capabilities, he resolves to master it, carry on All Might's legacy, and become a great hero. To do so, he applies for and is accepted to the top hero school in the world, U.A. High.
Once there, he must learn to become worthy of One for All, step into himself both as a young man and as a hero, and, of course, face down a host of villains. The world is changing. All Might's era may soon come to an end. But Izuku and his plethora of talented, powerful classmates could just be the unstoppable heroes the uncertain future needs!


I CAN'T BELIEVE BNHA IS ELIGIBLE THIS YEAR! AAAAAAA! I just knew I had to request it not only because it has been my favorite thing ever this past year but also because I highly doubt it will be eligible next year at the rate it's going! The story of my discovering BNHA is a Tale for the Ages, but don't worry, I'll omit it from here.
I'm requesting Izuku, Bakugou, Iida, and Uraraka, but you do not have to include all four of them. Feel free to write about one or three or two or whatever, in any combo; I don't care! And you are more than welcome to include any of the other nominated characters, as they are all winners! BNHA has such a large and spectacular cast; I would even encourage you to go for bringing in the other members of Class 1-A if you are so inclined. I love all of them (except Mineta but we won't go into that).
Bakugou Katsuki is a terrible, horrible child, but he is my absolute favorite; I love, love, love that explodo-killing punk. His growth over the course of the series thus far, however slow-moving, has truly captivated me. He will get there someday! But I love any scene about him, any focus; when we met his parents a few chapters ago I was like, on the ceiling. My problematic fave son!!! Deeply saddened that Kirishima is not available to request this year, as he and Bakugou are my jam, but that is okay! I love seeing how the other characters besides Izuku handle him – his fight with Uraraka was a PEAK BNHA MOMENT! (Jk every BNHA moment is a peak BNHA moment this series is so good help.)
I'm not really looking for shipfic with any of these characters. All of the people I hardcore ship them with aren't nominated! That said, I do really like Uraraka and Izuku; they are my sweet summer children and Uraraka's big ol' crush on him is the CUTEST THING! As they stand right now, they fit right into my eternal, like, "requited crush that they believe is unrequited" bias, so, you know, I'm p much helpless.
And I adore Iida! I love getting to see his interactions with the rest of his classmates, who he loves and would protect with his life, and his growing bestfriendship with Uraraka and Izuku. His antics always make me smile. He's such a good kid! He tries his very best!


1) I... love Izuku and Bakugou. I'm not shipping them romantically, but their... relationship (I hesitate to call it a friendship just yet) and the potential for what it could become is very, very important to me. It's so complex and difficult and interesting. When All Might had that line about how their participation in the exam fight against him was their first step down a long road that would one day lead them to becoming an unstoppable team... I. Freaking. Lost. It. Because that is my shit. That is what I am here for. Endgame Izuku and Bakugou makes my heart pound if I think about it too hard sometimes. So, in that vein: anything exploring the development of Izuku and Bakugou from where they are now to where they could be in the future. Partners? Rivals? Dare I even say friends? Maybe there's a villain fight and they're separated from the others and have to fight on their own. Maybe Izuku gets injured and Bakugou has to deal with him until backup arrives; maybe it's Bakugou who's injured! Maybe they're both captured by villains and tied up in some basement room together and have to figure out how to escape but also end up, like, Talking About Things™. These are all scenarios I daydream about, like, all the time. Bakugou protecting Izuku! Izuku protecting Bakugou and Bakugou not knowing how to deal with it! Bakugou knowing hella info about first aid and startling Izuku with his ability to create an effective makeshift tourniquet?! I DON'T CARE, I LOVE THESE BOYS.

2) Alternatively, Bakugou having to interact with Iida and/or Uraraka absent of Izuku. I imagine Bakugou and Uraraka would play off of each other in a very interesting, at times comical way. I saw a headcanon once that when Bakugou starts hollering or throwing a tantrum Uraraka just taps his shoulder and makes him float until he expends himself. That is perfect? That is the Uraraka & Bakugou aesthetic I am all about. I really like the idea of them becoming vitriolic best buds or, at the very least, some manner of friends/allies/what have you. Uraraka seems like she could really put him in his place, lmao. (I don't ship them romantically, though.) Like, God, what if Iida and Uraraka get paired with Bakugou for a project or an exercise or something? Can you imagine? Can you imagine them granting Bakugou no quarter because they have seen the way he treats their best buddy Izuku and they will have their revenge for that mistreatment, damn it? I CAN!

3) URARAKA/IZUKU PINING FIC. I'm garbage, I know, I'm sorry, but I am so, so here for it. Especially after the development in chapter 109! Uraraka wanting to shut down her feelings for Izuku because being a hero comes first! Izuku probably still having that fluttery crush on Uraraka from the beginning of the series but putting their developing friendship above it! LITERALLY EVERY OTHER CHARACTER SEEING URARAKA'S CRUSH ON IZUKU, I'M THRIVING. I would love to see Uraraka in turmoil about it and getting guidance from an unexpected place—does she confide in Iida? Does Bakugou have something to say? (Does Izuku confide in Iida, too? What does Iida do if both of his good friends are in like with each other but he's sworn to secrecy by both of them?!) I would love to see the two of them working together, be it as heroes or as students or as friends; I would love to see something drive a rift between them, as well! How do they handle it? This whole prompt is very inarticulate but any shmoop/angst-with-a-happy-ending/seemingly-but-not-actually-unrequited-pining goodness with these two would make my heart siiiiiiiing.

4) Obligatory Culture Festival Fic. That's all. I crave it.

5) Related to #4: Horikoshi, how can you show the cast in formal wear and still not have given me a school dance arc? I'll bribe you. I've got $5 I can spare. Maybe $4.

6) Five times Izuku told Bakugou the truth and one time he lied? Five times Izuku inspired Uraraka and one time she inspired him? Five times Izuku surprised Bakugou and one time Bakugou surprised him? Five times Iida and Uraraka stuck up for Izuku and one time they didn't have to? Five times Uraraka or Iida got stuck doing something with Bakugou? Five times Uraraka almost confessed to Izuku?!?!

Hyouka & Kotenbu Series
accessibility: animefreak (anime, 22 episodes + 1 OVA)


Originally published as the first in the Kotenbu series of light novels, Hyouka was adapted into an anime series in 2012. It tells the story of Oreki Houtarou, a quiet, deadpan energy conservationist whose withdrawn and inert ways are busted to pieces when he is urged by his sister to join the Classic Literature Club and meets its only other member, Chitanda Eru. Eru is energetic, tenacious, and bright; she loves people and is perpetually driven to help them, and she is fueled by an insatiable curiosity that can be set off by even the smallest of mysteries—she is, essentially, all the things that Houtarou is not. They are soon joined in the club by Houtarou's only friend, Fukube Satoshi, a cheerful self-proclaimed "database," and Ibara Mayaka, a grouchy aspiring mangaka. Over the course of a single school year, the four of them find mystery, excitement, heartbreak, and love in the most surprising places—and Houtarou breaks his rule of energy conservation again, and again, and again.


Writer, do you want to know a secret? I love Hyouka so much. Most of this whole chunk will be a repeat from my letter last year, but now that Satoshi and Mayaka are eligible, the sky is the limit.

First off, I love Houtarou/Eru. I love the innocent, bittersweet ache to their later interactions, their unspoken like for each other, Houtarou's profound admiration of Eru and all that she is, all that she stands for, all that he thinks he can never touch, spring and happiness and caring about people and never having to be alone. I love how mutual that admiration is, how Eru is so constantly in awe of him, at first, and then eventually starts to give him that soft, affectionate smile that he never sees, because she thinks he's the most wonderful person in the world. I love the lengths to which Houtarou will go to make Eru happy, and I love the delight Eru takes in learning little things about Houtarou, no matter how incidental. I love how much she flusters and surprises him. Don't speak to me about that ending scene, about that thing he almost said!! DON'T!!!!!

Romantic Houtarou/Eru is something I love and adore, especially, like, Houtarou/Eru that always gets closer and closer to being overt but ends up just shy of it; the Houtarou/Eru where they almost hold hands, where they gaze at each other for a moment too long, where the sun is setting and they've been in the empty club room for hours and he has to turn away so she won't see him smiling—where he thinks he's not good enough for her, not bright enough, not talented enough, and she thinks she would just be a burden, she and her family and her responsibilities and her energy; where they learn that they're both wrong. But if you want to write them platonically, that's okay, too!

Second: Satoshi/Mayaka is also... *clears throat; wipes eyes* um, idk, they're cool I guess. I love their complexities, how they suffer and hurt when they both just want the same thing, how they both start to call out to each other sometimes in the hallway but then catch themselves, and go quiet, and smile, alone and rueful. They both care so deeply about each other, perhaps too deeply, because they know how to hurt each other deeply, too. And I love, love, love Satoshi. He is one of my favorite characters of all time, in anything, ever. Daisuke Sakaguchi (his voice actor) was a special guest at Fanime this year and someone in the audience asked him who his favorite character he had ever played was, and he said Satoshi (and I silently cheered); I asked him what the most difficult thing about making Hyouka was, and he said playing Satoshi. "He has no faith in himself, you see," he said, "so feels like he doesn't deserve good things. After playing that for a while, I started to feel that way, too. It was hard!"

As for other ships—Satoshi/Houtarou is good; I can get on board, don't get me wrong, but it's just? Too damn sad? And I don't want to be sad at Yuletide. This show already makes me sad enough sometimes, ffs.


1) Casefic! I love the influences that the anime takes so lovingly from classic mysteries, like the Christie 'verse, Sherlock Holmes, etc., so maybe something based on that? I'd love to see a Hyouka-lightened And Then There Were None or Murder on the Orient Express in the same vein as the culture festival arc's homage to The ABC Murders, if you need ideas, but going that route is absolutely not necessary—I love Hyouka's little mysteries that seem insignificant but actually wind up unveiling something important about the characters, even if the solution isn't all that breathtaking. Gosh, I would especially love... older cast casefic? Like they come home from college for the summer and fall back into the old routine of investigating something odd? That might give me too hefty of a feel, though. I might legit die.

2) There is so much good future Satoshi/Mayaka fic out there that I almost feel bad asking for it, but I don't care. However, I have noticed that little of it seems to factor in the implication at the end of the series that they're going out! I'd love to see something that examines that—maybe they break up for some characteristically senseless (but nonetheless painful) reason? Maybe they consult their respective best friends for guidance? Maybe Eru ropes Houtarou into a conspiracy to get them back together? (Maybe, relatedly, Satoshi and Mayaka conspire to get Houtarou and Eru together?)

3) What is their last year of high school like? Have they made a name for themselves or are they still the same quiet Classics Club? Do they have kouhai who want to join, or who have already joined and are being prepped to take over the club after the old guard graduates?

4) Houtarou Satoshi character/friendship study with a side of angst and thinking they're completely inadequate, thanks.

6) I'm always fascinated by the concept of Eru's family and what a big freaking deal they apparently are, so: maybe Eru has an important family function and invites the rest of the Classics Club? Maybe Satoshi charms them all with his vast knowledge of their genealogy? Ships optional, of course.

7) Satoshi coming to grips with himself and his feelings for Mayaka and Houtarou and learning with his friends' help that yes, he is good enough, he is worth something, he will be okay.

8) Houtarou fumbling to convince his sister offscreen that he and Eru are not dating, stop implying it, nee-san.

9) Mayaka makes an anime/manga lover out of Eru. Eru learns all the shoujo romance tropes and attempts to implement them in Houtarou's presence?!

10) Gosh, anything about Houtarou and Mayaka's strange frenemyship and/or Satoshi and Eru's friendship! Eru/Mayaka and Satoshi/Houtarou are wonderful and valuable, but I am even more fond of how they get along with their non-best friends!

四畳半神話大系 | The Tatami Galaxy

accessibility: funimation (anime, 11 episodes)


Based on the light novel of the same name by Tomihiko Morimi, The Tatami Galaxy (produced by Madhouse and directed by the great Masaaki Yuasa) is a magical and surreal, at times absurd, glimpse into the university years of an unnamed, and perpetually unsatisfied, narrator. Each episodic installment takes place in a series of parallel universes based on which club, or "circle," he chooses to join at the beginning of his freshman year. Whichever choice he makes invariably leads to some misadventure or another—whether he's dragged into mischief by his impish best friend Ozu, or circumstances of fate lead to him being unable to fulfill a mysterious promise to his crush, Akashi, he seems to find nothing but misery and strife, and constantly feels that, had he just made that one decision differently, he could attain that mythical "rose-colored campus life" he's always heard and dreamed of. Little does he realize that, each time he wishes he could start over, he does—but in searching for that incommunicable something, will he lose sight of what's truly important?


The Tatami Galaxy is, without a doubt, the best anime I have ever seen. There is not a single thing about it that I would change, nor did it leave a single thread of itself unexplored, unresolved, or unperfected. Its narrative is simple, elegant, and exquisitely self-contained. It hits all the right chords. It leaves you with a contented, fond feeling, and a certainty that, no matter how worried you are, things will turn out okay, and life is pretty good. So why, you may ask, am I requesting fic of it, if it is such a flawlessly wrapped up package? That is an excellent question! I don't know! I guess I just miss it! It gave me everything, and still I lie awake some nights yearning for more.

I could write sonnets singing praises to Akashi for the rest of my life. Watashi is so perfectly selfish and petty and anxious about life and for one or perhaps all of those reasons he is alarmingly relatable. And Ozu is the roguish little ghoul I'd love to bring home to ma. They are a holy trifecta of goodness. And I adore the world they're running around trying to live their lives in, one that's so close to ours but has some extra facet, some hidden undercurrent, that's distinctly unusual, borderline paranormal. Watashi's adventures (and misadventures) were a joy to watch, but what I truly want to throw myself into is fic that digs into Akashi and/or Ozu!


1) Watashi oft makes the joke that Ozu is a youkai, mostly because he's ghoulish-looking due to poor diet and general devilish air, but you know, I always secretly hoped it would be revealed that Ozu really was a youkai, disguising himself as a regular human for no other reason than to torment Watashi, because he feels like it, and it's funny. I would love an AU where Ozu is genuinely some kind of magical creature, and Higuchi really is a god of matrimony, and Watashi has no clue! Tatami's portrayal of Kyoto as a bustling and beautiful city with something vaguely eccentric and perhaps supernatural keeping it alive reminded me very much of another of my favorite series, Uchouten Kazoku. I feel like that show's ambience and general mythos would match Tatami's super well!

2) "There's nothing as boring as a successful love story." Yeah, okay, Watashi; you obviously haven't met me. What is Watashi and Akashi's dating life like? Do things seem to go south and, in a fit of his old self-preserving panic, he pulls the rewinding trick he hasn't had to implement in ages? I love that, no matter how convoluted and bizarre the circumstances, he always makes the same promise to her, and the world always looks brighter and more colorful when he sees her, and she's always fondly intrigued by him, and they always find each other. I would love to see something, like this or not, that illuminates Akashi's feelings for Watashi, since we're mostly left to infer them based on what he observes. She is such a delightful puzzle, and the thought that someone as selective and quiet as she is would be so drawn to Watashi totally piques my interest! What makes him special to her? What if this entire time she's been doing the same thing he has, going back in time over and over because she, too, can't feel satisfied? What if they keep missing each other? THIS IS A CATCH-ALL REQUEST FOR ANYTHING WATASHI/AKASHI, BASICALLY. What a good ship!

3) I was always delighted when the anime dropped little hints that Akashi knew Ozu super well, perhaps even better than the protagonist. They always seemed to give the impression of being co-conspirators, or at least close buddies in playful misanthropy; that when he's teetering on the bridge in episode one, she glares up at him and scolds him with, "Ozu-senpai, have you done some more mischief?" never fails to make me grin. I would love to see fic that explores their friendship!

4) Honestly, anything about Akashi. I love her to death, but there wasn't nearly enough of her! What is her daily life like? Does she help tanuki cross the street safely on her way to school? Could she arm-wrestle Jougasaki and win? Does she know some witchcraft? I DON'T KNOW! Anything is possible! You tell me! It could be 100% canon divergent headcanon and I would sweep it up into my arms and hold it close.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Link (Zelda: Skyward), Zelda (Zelda: Skyward)
accessibility: youtube (all cutscenes)


2011's Wii-based contribution to the vast The Legend of Zelda canon and the betterment of my life at large came in the form of the beautiful, the underappreciated, the incomparable Skyward Sword. Focused on the starting point of the entire series mythos, it tells the tale of the first Link, the first Zelda, the forging of the Master Sword, and, of course, the first battle with the primordial being that would one day become Ganon. The Link and Zelda of SS are not the Hero and Princess of legend—they're just two childhood best friends living on a floating island called Skyloft. When a malevolent force sends Zelda falling to the surface world below, however, Link resolves immediately to rescue her, and, in doing so, discovers that he is to play a key part in a tale far beyond his imagination—one that will, by the game's end, repeat itself for lifetimes to come. Sword and shield in hand, accompanied by the spirit of the Goddess Sword, Fi, he sets out on an epic journey across uncharted lands to find her (not realizing that she is on a tragic journey of her own); by the end of it, he is fighting in the heavens for the fate of the world itself, but all he wants to do—all he's ever wanted to do—is bring his best friend home again.


The year was 2014. Life was complicated. I had never played a video game not on some manner of handheld device. My view of the world of gaming was narrow, unenlightened. Then, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to play a Zelda game at his house. "Zelda?" I asked. "Like those games our friend likes? With the little green guy? Eh, sure." What began with an "eh, sure" ended with me, spread-eagled on my friend's bedroom floor, clutching a Wiimote and Nuchuk in hand, weeping at the ceiling.
Skyward Sword changed me. To date, it is probably my favorite game of all time. It gets a lot of flak for a variety of stupid reasons, but I don't care and never have. It is a masterpiece. And to the franchise's credit, there was no better way for it to grab my interest than to make Link and Zelda two best friends in love who are infinitely reincarnated to play out the same battle against darkness and despair, over and over again; to forget each other and their bond every time, but to always find themselves drawn or flung together again, no matter the circumstances. That's horrible!!! I love it!!!!!!
Link/Zelda is such an OTP in this game? Self-immolation sounds like a painless alternative to thinking about them for too long. Zelda, especially, is a highlight of this game for me—her tragic acceptance of who she is and what she must do, how much she aches to return to that simple and carefree life with Link, how even as he's falling apart in front of her, she smiles, because she doesn't want him to be sad. Despite everything, "I'm still your Zelda." And Link, faithful and silent, who changes so noticeably over the course of the game, who starts to carry himself differently, who comes to wield a sword with confidence—who, though he never utters a single word, has the goddamn nerve to make this face.
These two, and their story, and their bittersweet ending, will have a stranglehold on my fragile heart until the end of time itself. Anything about them, anything at all, will be immediately framed and enshrined in my closet, Helga Pataki-style.
This is a weird P.S., but I've always taken Link to be canonically mute, so when he's super chatty in fic, I tend to find it jarring? Obviously I know this might just be a thing for me and that omitting any Link dialogue would be a challenge, so don't worry about it if it harshes your vibe (optional details are optional), but I figured it was worth mentioning!


1) Post-game coda! How do Link and Zelda adjust to living on the surface? Where do they settle? Does Zelda set diplomatic relations with the other lands in motion? Do she and Link ever talk about everything that happened? Does it bring them closer or start to drive them apart? Do they feel melancholic at the fact that things can never go back to the way they used to be? Do they ever visit Skyloft? Do they ever step over the line from friends to lovers? (Oh, please tell me they do; please tell me it's complicated and achey and takes forever and culminates in something incredible.) "Post-canon slow burn friends to lovers relationship study" sounds like an awful mouthful when I say it out loud, but if I'm being honest, that is the ~*aesthetic*~ I'm going for with this mess of a prompt, lmao. NSFW would be okay here, too, if you felt so inclined, but obviously it's not a requirement! (And if you do I just want to say with absolute certainty that Link has fantasized about going down on Zelda at least once.)

2) Is there a name for that trope that's, like, "character A wakes up in the future but they are only there for a few hours/a day before they return to the present?" Because I would be all about a scenario with that trope, only not the future; just another Zelda game! Even more interesting, and this is super specific so feel free to ignore it, would be something in the vein of Twilight Princess, where Link learns sword techniques from a mysterious ghost/"shadow" that is later revealed to be Link from Ocarina of Time—can you imagine a future Link or Zelda having a meeting like that with their Skyward Sword ancestors?! MAXIMUM SORROW!

3) FI CHARACTER STUDY??? I'm not requesting her because I don't want to make her a requirement, but, like!!! What is Fi's perspective on the heroes who wield her throughout time? Do you know how much her offhanded quote in the non-canon-compliant Hyrule Warriors about how that Link "is not the master, but could be a master" tore me completely asunder in under two seconds? A fic examining Fi's journey throughout some of the other LoZ canon—her thoughts on the other Links, the other Zeldas, who have pieces of the ones she knew but will never be the same as they were—would wreck me; I WELCOME IT.

4) On the other side of the post-canon coin, PRE-CANON? How did Link and Zelda meet? How did they become friends? WHAT HAPPENED TO LINK'S PARENTS? What was their Knight Academy life like?

5) Related to #1, after the dust settles at the game's conclusion, Link and Zelda explore and map the world together.

6) To help her cope with nightmares and feelings of helplessness, Link teaches Zelda swordfighting?!

7) Honestly, both of them helping each other cope with nightmares and feelings of helplessness and the omnipresent fear that Demise will come back, could come back, and Link is still grappling with feelings of guilt over not protecting Zelda, and Zelda is still grappling with feelings of guilt and confusion over her identity as Hylia, and, ANGST HAPPENS.

8) Oh my God, Zelda struggling to find a balance between her identity as Zelda and her identity as Hylia, trying to reconcile the two, not knowing how, not knowing who she really is, and Link gently, faithfully helping her find the answer to those questions. Post-canon Zelda character study?! I'm ready to die!

9) This is a total wild card, but when the Breath of the Wild trailer dropped, my friend and I were like, "okay, but what if this Link is Skyward Sword Link, but he was like, put into the LoZ equivalent of cryogenic sleep to go out and save the world when he was needed most? And what if he wakes up and it's been like a hundred years and the Zelda he meets isn't his Zelda, but sort of is, but most definitely isn't?" I CAN'T REMEMBER WHY, BUT TO US, THIS POSSIBILITY MADE MAD SENSE AT THE TIME. Oh, my God, I'm watching the trailer right now and choking on my own emotion. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME. Tying SS to it somehow would be so, so fascinating to see! This prompt might be breaking the rules, though, so it might be best to ignore it?

Writer, Yuletide is a magical time, and anything you write, even if it does not even remotely cater to anything on that needlessly long litany of my emotional ramblings, will be magical, too. Hearts and stars will shine in my eyes no matter what you crank out for me this holiday season; I cannot stress this enough! Everything you see up there is a suggestion, not a requirement. As long as it features the characters I love, and you are writing it, I am absolutely positive that it will bring me joy and good feelings, and I will cherish it for years to come; I will tell my friends and neighbors about it, etc. I would love to see you run away with something of your own design just as much as I would to see you run away with something of mine. You have a great big beautiful brain and you will blow me away no matter what you choose to do. If you made it through this whole thing without bolting the other way, then I just want to say that I am so, so, so excited to see what you write for me, and so grateful to you for what you're about to do. I know that it'll make my month. You are a trooper, and you are amazing, and I wish you the happiest holiday season imaginable!

All my love,

Gwen/Brella (blevins)
Tags: #1, #4, yuletide
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