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39. boo us like we're human garbage | morning glories ficathon, vol. 11

Casey, your turn—how would you address the concerns of the athletic department?
I don't... care?

Gosh, elections sure are exciting, aren't they? You get to see the candidates go at each other in a no-holds-barred battle of wits, you decide who to vote for based on who throws the better party where you hopefully don't get beat up by guards, and the best part of all? The total corruption of it all inflicted by the combination of a couple of shitty white dudes and an omnipotent, ancient spinning machine in the basement. Ah, democracy.

Morning Glories #48, a.k.a. THE DEBATE, hits shelves both physical and virtual today, and boy, is it a good one! Spine-tingling political intrigue! Mind-numbing revelations about your student council president candidates! You will say "wow!"

If you haven't grabbed it yet, you can do so via the Image site, Comixology, or at your local comic book store.

Anyway, now that a new issue has graced our bleary, 6 AM-addled eyes (or maybe that's just me), the time has come for yet another ficathon. What, you thought you could get rid of me? So did Isabel's enemies. (I think I've used that joke in a ficathon description before. Oh, God. Everything is bleeding together. What year is it.) And, hey, good timing, too, because Morning Glories is almost at 100 fics on the Archive of Our Own! [thunderous applause, party popper emoji, sound of someone crying; surprise it's me] We've come so far since that first 300-word Hisao/Guillaume fic entirely in Spanish. So far, in fact, that the tags on that fic still list Hisao as Jun. And Hisao is still alive. H-Ha. Um.

Let's get that AO3 tag to 100+ fics! We're legit, yo! Write! Write like your lives depend on it! I mean, I wouldn't depend on anything here at MGA, but, you know, whatever gets you through the day. Whatever helps convince you you're the hero of the story, even though you might not be. :) :) :))))))

For those of you who are new to this neck of the woods—the very expansive, very scary woods that may play host to some ancient Sumerian ruins, but we don't like to advertise it much—fear not; I am here to help. The ficathons have been going on for well over a year now, usually on the tail of a new issue, and they basically work as follows: people leave prompts, people fill those prompts, people read those fills, people cry, people kill Hunter. Seriously. It's not a ficathon if Hunter doesn't die at least three times. Anyone can join in, with or without a LiveJournal account. Anonymous comments are enabled.

  • Leave a prompt, see if someone fills it; see a prompt you like, reply and fill it yourself. If you'd prefer to just lurk and read what gets churned out, that's cool, too! People love it when you leave feedback on the things they write, so that is also an option if you are feeling extra enthusiastic! You are not required to fill anything, and you can leave as many prompts as you like, for any ships and characters you like, anytime.

  • Anyone can participate! Whether this is your first time swinging by or you've been here since the first one, we are so so happy to have you! Anonymous commenting is enabled and screening is disabled, so you can join in even if you don't have a LiveJournal account. Keep in mind that whether you are a registered user or not, if your reply contains a link (say, to an external site where you've posted your fill if it's too long or you don't want to post it in parts), it will automatically be screened and Brella will have to manually unscreen it. LiveJournal does not notify her of this by e-mail, so sometimes it takes her a while to notice. If it's taking too long for Brella to approve it, just send her an ask on Tumblr and she'll get right on it!

  • Prompts can be filled multiple times, so don't feel bad if somebody fills a prompt you were eyeing. Nobody's got dibs, it's free for all! And, like, let's be real here, nobody in their right mind would complain about having their prompt filled twice.

  • Some of us (read: Silver) like to go wild and write fills thousands of words long, but there is no minimum or maximum word count for fills. Like, obviously, don't be a smartass and write a fill two words long, but feel free to write short flash fiction-y prompts! Sometimes less is more, after all!

  • Feel free to second prompts, encourage writers, or even chatter about your DREAM FILL for this prompt in the comments; who knows; it may inspire someone! Replies to the entry should all be prompts of some kind, but replies to other comments can be anything you like. We get very silly sometimes.

When leaving prompts, make sure they conform to this format, or something like it, for the sake of organization:

character/pairing | prompt

And when leaving fills, make sure they have this in the new subject line at the top of the reply comment, for the sake of organization:

title | rating/warnings if needed | character/pairing(s)

If your fill exceeds the number of characters permitted in a single LJ comment, you can either post it on an external site (like AO3, Tumblr, or your own journal here) and link to it in a reply, or post it in parts. This can also apply if you're filling a prompt that's one of the classic "5 Times + 1 Time" suckers. If you post it in parts, make sure to tack on an addendum to your fill header that makes it clear which part is which and how many parts there are, so something like this: 1/4, 2/3, or, if you're not sure how many parts it will have, 1/?. This makes it easier for Brella to organize them in the fill list. You can see an example of this here if it's unclear.

There is no time limit. What even is time? Some flimsy human concept invented to create the illusion of normalcy and control? Pffffff!

Have fun! Get those AO3 fics into the triple digits!

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